Stefan Jacobs

Year of Work (issue): 2020

Materials: Acrylic paint on 3mm cardboard

Size: 63x74 cm


Art Description

March – June 2020, Canggu, Bali, Acrylic paint on 3mm cardboard, 63×74 cm

Stefan Jacobs

Stefan Jacobs – Stef – was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium in 1970, as a fourth generation printer being surrounded by language, text and letters in led and wood as from a young age.

He learned the importance of books and graphic beauty playing around in the attic above the loud machines. It was hiding more than 100 years of lithos and wooden carvings once used by his forefathers. It’s where Stef developed a sense and passion for graphic development and design. Besides organizing letters and lines on immaculate white pages and hand drawing minimalist logos, color was always present.

About three years into an arising career as a graphic designer, the hunger to escape rules within creating a perfect page made him fill a first canvas trying to break away from graphic mathematics and limitations in forms and colors.
Drawing had always been there but creating a harmony of colors had to be developed for many years to come.

The importance of language stepped in at a very early stage of the creative process and the printing of letters as his fathers had done for more than a hundred years before him became very present in every work from his hand.
It still is today.

The focus for 25 years was in painting, printing actually, the unrecognizable in a chaos of colors or so trying to. The process of printing shapes in multiple colors without controlling the result using any kind of material for the actual printing is still in constant development and will continue to do so.

Stef travels and paints on various locations around the globe. The main studio is located in Sotogrande, Spain sharing the creative floor with Argentinian artist Osvaldo Lobalzo who also acts as a mentor and critic in balancing the color chaos in every work.