Eden: Flirting with Chaos (II)

Macdonald Iheme


Art Description

 2019, Charcoal, 128 x 92cm

Macdonald Iheme

1995 – Jos, Nigeria

Macdonald Iheme is a burgeoning Visual artist/ designer. Born in the mid 90’s in the city of Jos, and hails from Imo state, Nigeria. He got his bachelor’s degree in Fine and Applied arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2015.

His current means of expression comprises an externalization of internal correspondences…dialogues that happen inside his mind that he tries to document visually – as a diary of some sort. His entire process relies on spontaneity of execution; hence, he works in urgency in order to capture these ideas which are usually fleeting. Compressed charcoal as a drawing medium and its various adaptations lends itself graciously to this style of expression because with simple sweeps, strokes, splashes and dabs, he creates shapes values and lines that generate complex forms.

His artistic journey is fueled by his environment and experiences, with works centering on human faces and figures as almost all the stories he tells are about people he has met and emotions he has felt. He uses these figures to express notions as a reaction to those experiences.

His work Investigates the construction of visual content from perceptual experiences and the reframing of ordinary human gestures to explore their psychological underside.

He has participated in a few group-shows and auctions including; – ‘Sogal Acquire auction: modern and contemporary African art’, by Signature gallery (2018 & 2019)- and ‘Ode to Mankind’, Artyrama gallery in collaboration with Mitsubishi motors and Bombay Sapphire (2018).