Gran Turismo I

Monteil Jean-Baptiste

Year of Work (issue): 2017

Materials: C-Print, Steel framed

Size: 30 x 100 cm


Art Description

2017, C-Print, Steel framed, 30 x 100 cm

Monteil Jean-Baptiste

Born in 1991, graduated from L’École des Beaux Arts de Paris in 2018, Jean-Baptiste Monteil mainly focuses his artistic practice around photographic and video projects . The image, at the center of the creation process, develops in the manner of an anthropological investigation of its environment. A peeling of forms but also of ideas where aesthetic as well as social dimensions meet. Through experimentation with various representation devices, these new structures are the spearhead of a new attention by which surfaces becomes images. The issue is not simply to allow the identification or documentation of these events but to foil the forms of the subject by finding a new, more leveling setting.