Map Convergence

Map convergence

Alexis Olin

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Size: 70x70cm


Art Description

Acrylic on canvas, 70x70cm

Alexis Olin

Numerous visits to France since 1995 had a huge impact on Alexis Olin’s art. Since then, painting, music, photography, and fashion have become connected in all the projects to which he relates. Despite the variety of activities, brushes and canvas remain a priority. The seven-year edition of the K9 comic book magazine and the fascination with the Franco-Belgian School of graphic novels form the basis for writing paintings and illustrations. Later, the work of the Renaissance, as well as contemporary artists from Europe and Asia, became the inspiration. Creating the Métrique brand gives the ability to constantly display his paintings on clothing fabrics, using them as canvases, thus taking the work outside the walls of the studio and gallery. An approach to all activities like art is the key to Alexis.