Walk to Dreamland

Geraldo Dos Santos

Materials: Oil on canvas

Size: 100x100cm


Art Description

100x100cm,  Oil on canvas

Geraldo Dos Santos

“Keychain Has Many Keys”.

places, mystical, childhood, melancholic, stage, identity, confrontation, morality, objects, consciousness, symbols, emotions, personality, anecdotes, metamorphosis, surreal, atmosphere, dimension, oracle, reality, dream, spirits, narrative, familiarity, personal, forgetting, sense, manipulation, past, present, future, time, nature, moment, experiences, sensation, fear, reconstructive, déjà vu, life, routine, glitch, creation, fable, etc.

My work deals with dreams and memories, and it does so in a narrative way. It depicts the mundane things that surround us – the things that, connected to certain images, or objects, or places, might represent one’s own subconscious being, or that might trigger melancholic mental spaces. As the creator of my work I am interested in addressing my viewers’ personal memories by corrupting their readings of my images – challenging them to make use of their own experiences. My large scale paintings display compositions of parts of found momentums, and aim at provoking a glitch in my viewer’s consciousness. With a palette that undoubtedly qualifies as attractive colors, and an image that qualifies as vulnerable, or maybe even tormented, a contrast is established that functions as a barrier between dimensions. My work aims at having the capacity to make viewers reinvent their own memories within circumstances of familiarity.

But do they become real to the viewer? As an artist and painter, myself, I tried to find this recurring question in my work. Where to find reality in the brushstrokes and how current time influences our memories of the past . What really intrigues me is, how to make a painting relatable to their own experiences and place them into this story telling way in a contemporary way. I think this has to do with the fact that we all want to know who we are and how we express ourselves as an individual. To start questioning an individual interpretation could be at the same time a shared life experience, but what does this tell us about those boundaries? Why do we, as painters, place them in their own space and make paintings by creating topics and moments of those thoughts? I want to focus on the image and the importance of different realities.